The Special Class Railway Apprentice (SCRA) 2014 Entrance Exam will be conducted on 12 January, 2o14 by Union Public Service Commission. Through the entrance exam a handful or a certain number of candidates are selected by UPSC. A rigorous selection procedure is conducted after which the candidates are admitted to the undergraduate program in Mechanical engineering at the Indian Railway Institute of Mechanical and Electrical engineering, Jamalpur.

The entrance exam of SCRA 2014 tests the candidates on various parameters one of them is written test and the other is a personality test or personal interview. The SCRA program is one of the oldest programs started in 1927 by British government and the whole purpose of this exam was to select the capable candidates who will help and assist them in railway training. The selected candidates were also provided by extensive training at the Railway’s largest workshop in Jamalpur. Once the candidate has cleared the SCRA entrance exam, the candidate has to undergo a four-year rigorous training program in Mechanical Engineering. The application form will be filled on the official website of UPSC from 5th October, 2013 therefore, to fill the form the candidate has to visit the UPSC website.

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